the internationale exhibitions


Artmoney is:

  • an art concept from 1997
  • 12x18 cm
  • 200 DKK / USD 32 / EUR 27
  • any kind of material
  • a global currency of original art
  • any artist can create artmoney
  • see www.artmoney.org

The international exhibitions are organized by Karen Sennefelder and Anne-Mette Lehrskov, who are artmoney artists themselves.

The artmoney artists sign up, pay a fee and send 20 artmoney. Karen and Anne-Mette then provide catalog, shipment, setup and the exhibition itself. 

It is an unique opportunity for the individual artist to promote his or her art internationally.

It is also an unique opportunity to see a huge variety of different art skills and expressions - all in just 12 x 18 cm and to buy for a low cost EUR 27 or DKK 200.

  • 2012 Thy DENMARK
  • 2013 Manhattan NEW YORK
  • 2014 BERLIN-Schöneberg Germany
  • 2017 Torshavn FAROE ISLANDS
  • 2018 Sydney AUSTRALIA - Cancelled
  • 2022 PARIS France
  • 2023 SKAGEN Denmark

Opening the 4.th exhibiton.

2023 Gallery Skagen
in Skagen, Denmark

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