995 d.kr./ 135 EUR /160 USD/ 205 AUD

Payment not later than two weeks after booking.
Binding registration.

Bank info:
reg. no. 9114
account 0002041367

Iban no.


Remember to write "Catalog" on the backside of your chosen artmoney.

Remember that deadline for sending your artmoney is
May 1, 2018.



All exhibitors will be represented on the exhibition's website www. and with personal data and a work photo from approx. May 1, 2018, until one year after the end of the exhibition (Oct. 2019). In addition, the exhibition will be announced on the gallery's website and will be advertised online.

We encourage everyone to contact your own local media and get promoted as artmoney artists in connection with the exhibition.


A catalog will be published in connection with the exhibition, one page for each artist.

You will receive your copy of the catalog at the opening, or if not attending, it will be posted to you.

All exhibitors will be represented in the exhibition's website www.artmoneyworldwide.dk and m.artmoneyworldwide.dk with personal data and a work photo from approx. May 1, 2018 until one year after the end of the exhibition (Oct. 2019).


  • Place to exhibit 20 artmoney
  • 1 page in the catalogue + 1 catalogue
  • wide advertising
  • setting up the exhibition in Sydney Australie
  • watch at the exhibition
  • free return of unsold artmoney



1 artmoney is 12cm x 18cm.
Value: 200 DKK/ EUR 27/ 37 USD/ 

The exhibition is packed in Denmark, brought by plane or ship to Sydney, Australia, and set in the gallery.

Australia has very strict import rules, so there will be some limitations in which materials that can be used for your artmoney.

No animal parts.

No pornographic materials

No homemade CD´s

No parts of plants

No wood or cloth with, bark, insects ecc.

Look at the homepage from the Australian ambassy.


M2 Gallery


The fee for participation is 995 DKr. / EUR 135 / 160 USD/ 205 AUD.

Bank info:
reg.no. 9114, account no. 0002041367.
Payment not later than two weeks after booking. 

When the exhibition is finished money due to each artist from sales will be transferred electronically. Therefore, we will need an account number when you book.

Your registration is binding. The exhibition will take place when there are minimum 100 participants, otherwise it is not economically possible. In case of cancellation pay back 900 DKK.


Send your artmoney in solid packaging, which can be used again when we return the unsold artmoney to you. The parcel with be returned by regular post - should you wish for extra postal service, you will need to cover the cost. Remember - your artmoney are not insured while in the post, or while shipped to Australia.

Remember to send your artmoney not later than
May 1, 2018.

  • Go to the post office
  • Send the package "Poste Restante"
  • Fill out the label like this: 
    To Karen Sennefelder/Artmone
    Frøstrup Posthus
    DK-7741 Frøstrup


If you use another firm for sending your money:


  • Fill out the label like this:
  • To Karen Sennefelder/Artmoney
    Langvadvej 85
    DK-7741 Frøstrup