975 DKr / 975 Kronà /
130 EUR / 180 USDollars

Payment not later than March 15.

account reg. nr. 9114
account 0002041367

Iban nr.


For the catalogue
Remember to write "catalogue" on the back of one artmoney -
and do not send your artmoney later than July 1.


All exhibitors will be represented on this website with information and one photo until one year after the end of the exhibition.

We will contact local TV and newspapers.

Catalogue and new QR-codes

A catalogue was published in connection with the exhibition; one page to each artist. You received your copy of the catalogue at the opening, or if not attending, it was posted when your artmoney were returned.

Not nessesary to make a catalog tekst - we are making a QR code.

We experienced that it is a very time-consuming task to edit the catalog texts. Therefore we have decided to replace them with a QR code so people via their mobile phone will be connected directly to your own website where you can present your brand as you like.

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1 artmoney is 12cm x 18cm.
Value: 200 DKK /200 Kronà / EUR 27 / 37 US Dollars.


 There is 10% commision to the galllery for each sold artmoney 

No limitations in your choice of materials ut
a little limitation in weight and height

The exhibition was packed in Denmark, brought by car and ship to Torshavn and set up in the gallery. So this time you could use any materials as long as the 20 artmoney weigh no more than 2 kg, and if you stack your 20 artmoney the measure must be less than 30 cm.

Galleri Smiðjan í Lítluvík

Sales and economy

It is Karen and Anne-Mette who take care of the exhibition, including a few other volunters.
it is us and the volunters who take care of the artmoney sale.

When the exhibition is finished money due to each artist from sales will be transferred electronically ( - 10 % in fee for the gallery). Therefore, we will need an account number when you book. 

Postage and insurance

Send your artmoney not later than July 1.

Send your artmoney in solid packaging, which can be used again when we return the unsold artmoney to you. The parcel with be returned by regular post - should you wish for extra postal service, you will need to cover the cost. Remember - your artmoney are not insured while in the post, or during transport and exhibition.

Low cost postage!

  1. Go to the post office
  2. Send the package "Poste Restante"
  3. Fill out the label like this: 
  4. To Karen Sennefelder/Artmoney
    Frøstrup Posthus
    DK-7741 Frøstrup